Is delivery included in the subscription price?

Yes! We’ll deliver your games and pick them up from you when you’re done, and that’s all included in the subscription price.

How do I return games? Is there a late fee?

Simply let us know that you are ready for a game return or exchange. We’ll then pick-up your games on the next scheduled delivery day. If you’re getting new games, we’ll drop those off at the same time.

There are no late fees. We’ll just pick up your games on the next delivery day.  We deliver every other Thursday.

Do you have a pick-up or drop-off option?

No, not currently.  For the time being we’re just doing home delivery.

How often can I get games? How many games can I have at a time?

You can get new games every two weeks. We currently schedule deliveries every other Thursday, and you can swap any or all of the games that you currently have for new ones from your wishlist each delivery.

You’ll get between 2 – 4 games at a time, depending on the mix of games. For more detail check out our explanation of Credits.

Can the subscription be paused?

Yes!  Your subscription can be paused and restarted at any time from your account.

Can I just rent a single game for a week or two?

Not currently. For now we only offer the monthly subscription, which lets you have 2-4 games for a month for $16. If you are looking for weekly rentals, we suggest Cloud Cap Games, Red Castle Games, or Portland Game Store, which offer weekly rentals for around $10 per game per week.

How do you know if a game is missing any pieces? What happens if I lose pieces or a game accidentally gets damaged?

We’ve got a tracking system in place for the contents of each game which lets us fairly quickly ensure all the pieces are accounted for.  If a game you return is missing any pieces, we’ll just contact you and ask you to look around for it.  There won’t be any fees unless we have to replace the whole game for some reason, which we haven’t yet had to do.  Same goes for any accidental damage.  We’ll do our best to salvage the game, and only charge you if we have to buy a replacement.

How many copies of each game do you have? How long do I have to wait to get the games I want?

We have multiple copies of all the most popular games and try to keep wait times to a minimum. If we see that members have to wait a long time for certain games, we do our best to buy more copies of those ASAP.

Do you have expansions to games?

Yes!  We bundle expansions with their base games and label those as PGL Bundles.  We don’t offer expansions on their own, since things would be too likely to get mixed up.

Can we buy games from you?

Not currently, we’re just sticking to a board game subscription service for now. Portland already has so many great game stores!

Do you accept donated games?

Not currently.  We’ve run out of room in our little space to fit any more games!

Do you have a forum, Discord, FB Group, or similar?

Not currently, but it’s a high priority to get something going sooner than later.

Do you have a meet up or game night?

Yes, we’re currently hosting a monthly game night at the 4th Wall Cafe in SE Portland, you can check the schedule here: https://www.the4thwallpdx.com/calendar – Look for the “Boardgames 101” event.