Players: 6-7
Time: 180+ min
Interaction: Semi-Cooperative
Audience: Hardcore

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A classic wargame from 1959 which relies purely on negotiation with other players as its driving force. The gameplay takes place in Europe just prior to World War I. As a continental power you must choose what to do with your military units each season while trying to navigate the political landscape of all the other players. After an open discussion and planning period in which players can make any kind of secret arrangement they like, each player then simultaneously writes a set of orders for their units. The outcome of each turn is then determined as everyone’s orders are carried out in sequence. The mechanics of unit movement and battles are very simple, which allows the negotiations between players to become more complex. An average game may take 6 hours or longer as one player seeks to control the majority of Europe.

Designers: Allan B. Calhamer

How to Play: