Metro X

Players: 1-4
Time: 5 – 30 min
Interaction: Competitive
Audience: Casual

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Instead of a roll-and write this is more of a flip a card-and-write. Players each take control of a subway network and best try to fill out their rail lines using a series of random numbers pulled from a shared deck. I might use the three card to fill in 3 stops on my purple line, while you used it to fill in three on your red line. Different choices can chain into different effects, giving bonuses or leading to dead ends depending on your earlier choices, leaving each players’ board filled in vastly different ways.

This is a quick and fun game played on hard-back, dry-erase boards making Metro X one you can play over and over in the car, on a plane, or even on the subway.

Designers: Hisashi Hayashi