Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: 4 – The Baker Street Irregulars

Players: 1-8
Time: 180+ min
Interaction: Cooperative
Audience: Casual

2 of 4 Credits

You are members of the Baker Street Irregulars, tasked with solving a series of crimes presented to famous, London detective, Sherlock Holmes. Armed with a map of London, copies of the newspaper, and an address book, all dated to the late 1800s, you must search for clues, find witnesses, and try and piece everything together as succinctly as Holmes himself. A game that relies almost entirely on your imagination, discussion, re-enactment, sketches, etc. in order brainstorm the most likely answers, which can guide you in an otherwise fairly open-ended maze of possibilities and information. 10 cases to work through provides many hours of playtime.

This 4th collection includes the latest 10 cases added to the series.

Designers: Dave Neale