Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot

Players: 2, 4
Time: 30 – 60 min
Interaction: Competitive
Audience: Casual

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A tactical dueling game based on characters from myth, legend, movies, books, comics, and more. Play as Bigfoot vs Robinhood, or maybe Sherlock Holmes vs Little Red Riding Hood, or even Dracula vs Achilles… Any match-up is allowed, and probably strange. Each match is a quick to learn and play skirmish using detailed miniatures on a small map, with actions driven by unique decks of cards. The artwork and production are top-notch, which makes it a great gateway game to show how nice-looking modern boardgames can be.

There are 2 playable characters in this set: Robin Hood and Bigfoot.

Designers: Rob Daviau, Noah Cohen, Justin D. Jacobson, Chris Leder, Brian Neff, Kevin Rodgers

How to Play: