Players: 4-10
Time: 5 – 30 min
Interaction: Competitive
Audience: Casual

1 of 4 Credits

Using an app, players try to guess a secret word, but may only ask “yes” or “no” questions. Two of the players also have secret identities, one is a Werewolf, who knows the secret word, but is trying to keep everyone else from guessing it correctly, and the other is a Seer, who also knows the secret word and can help the other players, but if the Werewolf figures out who the Seer is, then the Werewolf wins, while similarly, if the other players identify the Werewolf, they can win that way too.

-Werewords App Download-
Google Play or Apple App Store: https://beziergames.com/products/werewords-app

Designers: Ted Alspach

How to Play: